What's Fobbies are Borange?

A collaborative effort between Stephen Georg, Jami Carignan, Jane Tovar and Mari M, “Fobbies are Borange” (or FaB) was a segment on Jami’s online radio show (hosted by Starmen.net) where EarthBound came to life, live (the episodes were performed live on the show). The show ran from September 2007 to October 2008. It followed the adventures of Ness as he traveled through the game, completely rewritten to give the protagonists more character. FaB is considered one of the greatest video game fanwork endeavors of all time, so check it out!

Download the Entire Series

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SEASON ONE (Episodes 1 - 12)
SEASON TWO (Episodes 13 - 24)
SEASON THREE (Episodes 25 - 36)
SEASON FOUR (Episodes 37 - 42)

Download Individual Episodes

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Episode 1: Go Into My Hole
Episode 2: Made From Potatoes
+ BONUS: Theme Song
Episode 3: Ness The Exterminator
Episode 4: Good Boys Read Young
Episode 5: Paula’s In The Mineshaft And I Need To Get Lassie
Episode 6: I’M ON FIRE
Episode 7: Happy Happy Gore Gore
Episode 8: It’s A Hand-Aid, Retard
Episode 9: Captain Crunch The Vampire Slayer
+ BONUS: Layin’ Down the Funk at the Chaos Theater
Episode 10: The Key Doesn’t Work
+ BONUS: British Intro Theme
Episode 11: 26 Years Down The Toilet
+ BONUS: Tessie Watchin’
Episode 12: After We Save The World We Should Take Up A Life Of Crime

RECAP EPISODE 1: It Won’t Change Your Life (A look back at the highlights of Episodes 1 through 12).


Episode 13: Double Sided Entrail Pizza Tape (Thanks to guest star, Lil’ Rubio!)
Episode 14: Vietnam Nom Nom
Episode 15: Ness, Paula, Jeff and Willie Nelson
Episode 16: The Chosen Poor (Thanks to guest star Melcat!)
Episode 17: Pokey’s Gotta Stay Fly (Thanks to guest star, Nick Earl!)
+ BONUS: The Runaway Five Rock Pants at the Topolla Theater
Episode 18: Daddy Please (Thanks to guest star, reidman!)
Episode 19: Moonside Not Bawesome (Thanks to guest stars, Carparama and Dan Settembrini!)
+ BONUS: Egnarob Era Seibbof (Moonside Intro, performed by Pinkbull)
Episode 20: I Sure Do Love The Trout Fish (Thanks to guest star, Blackleader!)
+ BONUS: Monkeyback
Episode 21: I Smell Technology… And Bologna (Thanks to guest star Carparama!)
+ BONUS: I Like Big Hips
+ BONUS: Total Eclipse of the Helicopter
Episode 22: Patrick
Episode 23: I Am So Ready To Eat Your Cake (Thanks to guest star Frau Landers!)
+ BONUS: Fobbies Are Bad At Playing Instruments
Ask A Fooby 1: Ask A Fooby 1
Episode 24: Poo All Over The Stage (Thanks to guest stars Lewahi, Jonk, Sabby, Dan Settembrini, Cherriegal, Eyes5, Bloopie, Meer and Mashi. )

RECAP EPISODE 2: I Suppose It Really Will Change Your Life (A look back at the highlights of Episodes 13 through 24).


Episode 25: The Top Of The Head Is The Place For Phones (Thanks to guest stars Plo and Ruby!)
Episode 26: I Sure Do Hate The Kraken Fish (Thanks to guest star Blackleader!)
+ BONUS: Come Sail Away
Episode 27: It’s Poop!
+ BONUS: Venus Is Out Of Your League
Episode 28: Stinky Sewer Static Sucks (Thanks to guest stars Blackleader, Melcat, Dan Settembrini, Ozwalled and Frau Landers!)
Episode 29: Knight To Pawn, Carrot To Orifice
Episode 30: Scaraba Market Montgomery
+ BONUS: Whir Jam
Episode 31: IT’S MY PLAYER’S GUIDE AND IT’S MINE AND I READ IT (Thanks to guest star Sabby!)
Episode 32: I’m Not A Rope! (Thanks to guest star Nickesty!)
Episode 33: Five Dollar Foot Long
+ BONUS: Ness Has ADD – Episode 33 Bloopers
Episode 34: Three Little Nuggets, Swimming In A Swamp (Thanks to guest star EBsessor!)
+ BONUS: Cigs
Episode 35: We’re Bleeping Shy (Thanks to guest star Tansunn!)
Episode 36: Dad, You’re Scaring Me (Thanks to guest star reidman!)
+ BONUS: Ode To Orange Kid (Tansunn Version)

RECAP EPISODE 3: As We Go On (A look back at the highlights of episodes 25 through 36.)


Episode 37: Juice Shooter
Episode 37.5: Fobbies are Borange Episode 37.5
+ BONUS: FaB: THE MOVIE: Blooper Reel (Some language)
+ BONUS: Ninten at McDonald’s Scene – Unedited
Episode 38: Gentlemen! Behold! We Are The Fobbies!
+ BONUS: Would You Like A Cup Of POWERTHIRST
Episode 39: King, It’s Really You!
Episode 40: The End? (Thanks to guest stars reidman, nb2k, BlackLeader, Dan Settembrini, TBustah!, and Nesskid)
+ BONUS: Flying Men
Episode 41: The One Before The Last One
Recap Episode 4: Bill Cosby And Richard Nixon Adventures
Episode 42: The Tree Has Been Planted
+ BONUS: Fobbies Are Finale
+ BONUS: Giygas Are Borange
+ BONUS: PSI Starstorm Omega
+ BONUS: With Fobbies and Friends
+ BONUS: Fabuation

Loids are not Christmas

LanC is a radio play of Mother 1, but unlike FaB which is scripted, LanC is completely improvised. To make things even better (worse?), Stephen (Ninten) has never played past the first visit to Magicant, so he has no idea what’s going on. This show was also performed live.

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THE ENTIRE SERIES (Episodes 1 - 9)

Or, download them individually:

Episode 1: With My Hand
Episode 2: Oh Crap, Grandpa!
Episode 3: It’s Not Christmas, Loid!
Episode 4: Ana And Levi Meet Ana
Episode 5: Loids are not Jesus
Episode 6: Los Santos, Tribe of Israel
Episode 7: My Hands Are Bruised
Episode 8: Robot Bosoms
Episode 9: Umbrella

LanC Comic #1 by kuruzen
LanC Comic #2 by kuruzen

Tree From My Youth

Mother 3 thing. Click above.

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Questions? Comments? Excitement? Email Stephen at stephen@stephengeorg.com