Where are they now?

Stephen Georg

Stephen has since graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Film and Television, focusing in Video Editing. His focus is now running two YouTube channels, StephenVlog and StephenPlays, where he releases videos daily. He married his sweetheart from the show, Mallory (white sesame seed), and they currently live in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Jami Carignan

Jami now lives in Los Angeles, California, and other corners of the west coast from time to time. After their Radio PSI retirement, they began their personal music project, "Space Boyfriend”, and composing music for video games (Heads Up! Hot Dogs, Omori). Jami still does work for Fangamer from time to time, works a day job from outer space, and continues pursuing music and community.

Jane Tovar

After retiring from Radio PSI DJ-dom and shirking away from the radio drama scene, Mar decided to focus entirely on artistic pursuits, and is currently studying at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. When not working on art, Mar enjoys shopping for kitschy t-shirts at the Goodwill and plays keyboard as one half of the Bellingham-based folk duo “Sea Jelly”. Paula Polestar’s outfit from “Fobbies are Borange: The Movie” still hangs in Mar’s closet.

Mari M

Mari is a computer engineer with work experience in CPU development, web design, video game design, and robotics. He is the president of the game development student organization at his university and gives free lectures on game design and game programming. When she isn't working on super academic stuff, she spends her time speedrunning Pokemon and Zelda games.

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